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June 14 to August 5

Art Vandenberg, Stele, 2017, color digital print, 15" x 15"

Correspondences presents a series of short exhibitions, informal talks, and performances that address our desire to restore a natural equilibrium in opposition to the multitude of perils that threaten our environment, the body politic, our spirits, and sense of fairness and justice. Each artist presents works that promote our connection to the natural world, how we react and respond to the material and spiritual worlds in which we live, and our stewardship of the planet.

The title of the series, Correspondences, is inspired in some measure by the Swedish philosopher and mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg (1668-1772). Swedenborg, who influenced such important artists and writers as William Blake, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Ralph Waldo Emerson and the American Transcendentalists, proposed a binary construction of the universe and human activity — one in which societal ills could be mitigated through acts of goodness. These actions were intended to restore a natural equilibrium between two opposing forces. As a scientist and spiritual thinker, Swedenborg’s novel approach eschewed strict religious dogma and encouraged important social reform including the abolition of slavery.

Likewise, the Correspondences presented this summer at Poem 88 function as interventions, visual prescriptions and invitations to consider our present challenges, personal and global.

Art Vandenberg: Steles
June 14 to June 24
reception: Saturday June 17 at 5pm

Stele: 1: a slab or pillar of stone usu. carved or inscribed and used for commemorative purposes… 3: a monument in the form of a pillar

During walkabouts, the artist may find solutions for presenting conceptual ideas. On a beach walk the artist set up makeshift stele, and so found a way of commemorating the beauty of our earth. The steles are transformational markers, their upright position highlighting sky, sea, beach, and land. The steles emphasize the correspondences of the sky, sea and land horizons, the duality of light/shadow. The steles stand up for the beauty of the world. While the beach walkabout steles were temporary, these photographs will perhaps serve as corresponding memory monuments commemorating an experience of earth’s beauty.

Artist Bio: Art Vandenberg has a Masters of Visual Arts in Painting & Drawing from Georgia State University and has resumed his art full-time after 33 years in information technology. His work has been in recent juried shows in Atlanta, Marietta, Augusta, Long Beach Island (New Jersey) and he has created pop-up installations of his #Tipis series during the 2015-2016. His work finds inspiration in #walkabouts, #quantumphysics, #earthart, #dreamtime, and #selforganization. In his spare time he contemplates transhumanist strategies. Ref: https://artvandenberg.com

Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international and intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.

performance: Karen Tauches and Stephen Fenton
Saturday, June 17 at 7pm

Listening to the news can be downright stressful! This performance is designed to "clean" the news with the sound of a bell.15-20 min. Ktauches on bell, Stephen Fenton on radio.

Thursday, June 29 at noon

Lunch and learn: Cameron Hollister, Medicinal Herbs and the Body's Equilibrium. Bring a sack lunch and hear from Licensed Acupuncturist Cameron Hollister about medicinal plants and home remedies. Beverages provided.

Scott Silvey: Soft Border
June 28 to July 15
reception: July 8 at 5pm

Soft Border contemplates the boundaries which create our perceived world of opposites. The work in this exhibition seeks to represent the nature of these borders, the factors that contribute to them, and a way to transcend them.

Artist bio: Scott Silvey is an Atlanta - based artist with work in major collections around the globe. He has presented his vision in both solo and group exhibitions in the US and abroad and has been reviewed in magazines such as Sculpture and Art Papers. Scott is currently a 2015 - 2017 studio resident through The Creatives Project at The Goat Farm Arts Center, Atlanta, Georgia.

Shana Robbins and Julie Travis

performance: Shana Robbins and Julie Travis
Saturday, July 8 at 7pm
Robbins and Travis perform Sun and Moon, an earth-based performance installation in collaboration with the encoded beauty of a landscape. It is a re-membering of the intricate, sensuous relationship between our bodies and the living land.

Judy Henson: Swift Creek
Steven L. Anderson: City of Tree Removals

July 19 to Aug 5 reception: July 29 at 5pm

Swift Creek is an archeological term denoting the pottery style of the southeastern Woodland-era people indigenous to the Peachtree Creek area. Aside from this specific cultural meaning, the name succinctly brings to mind a narrow watercourse cut through basins of woodland, fluidly shaped, sheltered by lush vegetation, a free-flowing conduit for life-sustaining water.

Even in this age of water wars and threatened eco-systems, the remaining sensory delights of the creek are increasingly available as our “city in a forest” sees civic value in creating trails and parks along its banks. Land-locked Atlantans may more and more appreciate, understand and protect both the intimacy of the creek’s small scale and the far-reaching lessons it teaches about connectivity and sustainability.

Poem88 is well situated in the aptly named FloatAway Community for the visual exploration of these themes - the creek that runs past and just behind it, as well as the vessels designed and made by the people who lived here long ago.

Artist bio: Judy Henson has worked as an artist/designer in the Atlanta community since 1976. She completed a B.A. in art at Cornell College and an M.F.A. in sculpture at Ohio State University. Her work has been seen at the High Museum of Art, MOCA GA, the Atlanta College of Art, Heath Gallery, the Michael C. Carlos Museum, the Nexus Contemporary Arts Center, the Atlanta History Center, Fernbank Science Center, Madison Morgan Cultural Center, and the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Most recently she has exhibited at Poem88 (Waterways, Old Forest/Remnant Light.) She was involved in the Atlanta art community through writing and editorial work for Contemporary Arts Southeast and Atlanta Art Papers, now Art Papers. Residencies at the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences, home to the swiftly flowing Betty’s Creek, have inspired.

City of Tree Removals is a collection of images, presented as limited-edition booklets and posters, that reflects my dismay at the deforestation that has been happening in Atlanta over the past few years.

Artist bio: Steven L. Anderson is a founding member of Day & Night Projects, an artist-run gallery in Atlanta. Anderson has been a Studio Artist at Atlanta Contemporary (2013–16), a 2015 Hambidge Center Distinguished Fellow, and a 2014–15 Walthall Artist Fellow. Anderson’s notebooks are in the permanent collection of the Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library at Emory University. He has exhibited in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Chicago. More information at www.StevenLAnderson.com.

Wednesday, July 26 at 7pm
Conversation and Cocktails: Chuck Reece of the Bitter Southerner in conversation with Poem 88 artist Micah Cash
Followed by dinner at Floataway Cafe.

Micah Cash, Apalachia, Reservation, 2015

Dangerous Waters, published by Tennessee University Press, provides a collection of Cash’s multi-year project documenting the waterworks of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Cash and his book were the focus of a essay and photo-essay published by the Bitter Southerner, based in Atlanta, GA.