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"Cathedral Rock", Allyson Ross, 2013

"Landscape," by Sean Abrahams, 2013

Ted Fair, 2013

Et in Arcadia ego

June 1 to July 27, 2013

opening reception: Saturday, June 1, 7 pm
artist talk: TBA

Et in Arcadia ego features the work of three artists, Sean Abrahams, Ted Fair and Allyson Ross, who use different media to depict an idyllic wilderness. The title of the exhibition, translated as “Even in Arcadia, I am [there],” is taken from paintings by Poussin and Barbieri (Guercino), and refers to the presence of death even in paradise. In drawings, paper sculptures and color photography, each of the artists shows not only edenic and sometimes fantastical views of nature but also the inevitable decay and man-made incursions into the natural world.

Allyson Ross’s cut paper sculptures of natural monuments in national parks are pared down to the essential further enhancing an idea that, within the perfectly pristine, we can discover the sublime.

Sean Abrahams’s illustrative, multi-color pencil drawings depict strangely alien, effervescent landscapes with hints of something sinister afoot. Coming from an interest in cartooning, his cheery color palette and imaginary trees and streams coalesce into a vision that seems both playful and grotesque.  

Finally, photographer Ted Fair completes this triad of visions with perhaps the most gravitas: a man-made coyote sculpture appears wreathed in balloons, a car and alpine lodge nearly disappear in a snow storm. Buoying up a melancholy feeling in each of his color photographs is a delightful feeling of serendipity: in the quiet and in the drama both, Fair captures what's fleeting in haunting, arresting pictures.

Each artist in the show is highly adept at their craft, rendering each piece in fine and exacting detail. Each artist, as well, manages to say something about grandeur, desolation, and transient beauty.

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