Art Vandenberg

Steles Stele: 1: a slab or pillar of stone usu. carved or inscribed and used for commemorative purposes... 3: a monument in the form of a pillar

During walkabouts, the artist may find solutions for presenting conceptual ideas. On a beach walk the artist set up makeshift stele, and so found a way of commemorating the beauty of our earth. The steles are transformational markers, their upright position highlighting sky, sea, beach, and land. The steles emphasize the correspondences of the sky, sea and land horizons, the duality of light/shadow. The steles stand up for the beauty of the world. While the beach walkabout steles were temporary, these photographs will perhaps serve as corresponding memory monuments commemorating an experience of earth’s beauty.

Artist Bio: Art Vandenberg has a Masters of Visual Arts in Painting & Drawing from Georgia State University and has resumed his art full- time after 33 years in information technology. His work has been in recent juried shows in Atlanta, Marietta, Augusta, Long Beach Island (New Jersey), Ann Arbor (Michigan) and he has created pop-up installations of his #Tipis series during the 2015-2016. His work finds inspiration in #walkabouts, #quantumphysics, #earthart, #dreamtime, and #selforganization. In his spare time he contemplates transhumanist strategies.

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