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Loud and Quiet: Mike Black and Phillip Buntin

August 12 to September 10, 2016

reception: Friday, August 12, 6pm

Loud and Quiet: Mike Black and Phillip Buntin offers two very different views of color relationships. Black, using construction materials like PVC pipe or aluminum venting, creates sculptures with vibrantly painted pipe. For Loud and Quiet, high relief wall sculptures encased in wood frames explode off the surface of the wall and challenge ideas of traditional painting.

Buntin, on the other hand, paints lush map-like images using complementary colors to energize the painted surface. The source of Buntin’s mostly linear paintings remains elusive: scientific schema, weather diagrams, topographic maps, cellular forms — all are under consideration.

Both artists rely on the repeated image or form; both artists present color in sometimes alarming ways. The tone of the works alternates between quiet passages and raucous energy.