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Erin Sledd: Wald
January 8 to February 5 2022

reception: Saturday, January 15,  noon to 5pm, vaccinated visitors please; masks required.



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Over a long weekend in the Nantahala National Forest, Erin Sledd began sketching silhouettes of an antlered Night Huntsman and Indian Maiden—personalities that emerged beneath her pencil. Since then she has drawn, embroidered, and painted portraits of flora and fauna where her interior world and the forest fuse, where organic and architectural hybrids inhabit a fairytale Wald

Sledd states:
These images arise in the liminal space between my exterior and interior experiences, a space that shapes itself as I walk woodland trails that evoke a childhood spent beneath dense branches and between the pages of fairytales. The woods are the wellspring of my imagination. 

A professional academic and artist, Erin Sledd works at the intersection of the humanities, art, and technology. She is deeply fascinated by the nature of form and structure, of transformation and permutation. Her research and creative interests span the connections between text and image, virtual and material structures, labyrinths, fairy tales, metamorphoses, and hybridity. 

Formally educated in literature and art history, she draws from a well of knowledge in literature, images, history and science to create images that surprise and delight. Often ornamental and intricate, her work is nevertheless firmly conceptual in origin, reflecting her conviction that compelling design is rooted in meaning. She loves designing for print and reproduction because, in a sense, each image is the original. As Fornasetti said, "A thing does not become less beautiful because it is reproduced 20,000 to 30,000 times."


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