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Spotlight Shines on Women Artists, Curators and Gallery Owners this Fall

Felicia Feaster, AJC, September 27, 2021

10 Art Spaces Contributing to Atlanta’s Progressive Creativity
A snapshot of Atlanta’s varied visual art scene, from museums to grassroots spaces.
Beth Ward, August 27, 2021

Fall A&E Guide: Women Artists, curators, and  gallery owners shine this season.
Felicia Feaster for the AJC

Review: No two pieces alike in David Robinson’s “Alluvium” at Poem 88
Jerry Cullum for, July 28, 2021

Cullum's Notebook: Eric Mack and Sharon Shapiro, comics and envisioning spring
Jerry Cullum for

Feaster, Felicia. “Collage artist takes a look at social issues.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. April 16, 2021

Poem 88 celebrates 10 years of championing Atlanta Artists (2020)


PAPRIKA at Poem 88 (2020)

ArtsAtl, February 11, 2020

Review: “Jane Eyre” exhibit at Poem 88 reconsiders revolutionary woman through modern eyes"

ArtsAtl, January 9, 2020

Review: "Cullum’s Notebook: Fascinating art for thinking people with a certain sense of fun" by Jerry Cullum

Burnaway, July 10, 2018

Review: "A Knotty String of Life: Art Vandenberg at Poem 88" by Jerry Cullum

ArtsAtl, June 21, 2018
"Wihro Kim's speculative landscapes dazzle at Poem 88"


BurnAway, May 22, 2018
"Susan Cofer Dedicates Exhibition to Members of the Atlanta Arts Community"


ArtsAtl, April 11, 2018
"Cullum’s Notebook: Artists explore the many shades of gray at four Atlanta exhibitions"


ArtsAtl, Feb 22, 2018
"Cullum’s Notebook: Romanticism revived and revised at three Atlanta exhibitions"


ArtsAtl, November 9, 2017
"Review: Phillip March Jones fills Poem 88 with his daily photographs"


ArtsAtl, July 27, 2017
"Review: Nature and the meaning of boundaries explored in Poem 88’s “Correspondences

ArtsAtl, July 7, 2017
"Review: Poem 88’s “Poem 88’s “Correspondences” series brings us back to balance"


ArtsAtl, June 1, 2017
"Review: Poem 88’s “ABSTRACTS” engages 20th-century traditions in markedly different ways"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, January 3, 2017
"Review: Elegant, graphic photos of flowers conjure themes of mortality"


ArtsAtl, January 3, 2017
"Review: Cynthia Farnell’s “Garlands” at Poem88 meditates and mourns"


BurnAway, November 28, 2016
"Candy Crush: Carol John at {Poem 88}"

ArtsAtl, November 28, 2016
"Poem 88 Owner Robin Bernat nominated for ArtsATL Luminary Awards, "

Daily Serving, September 28, 2016
"Paul Stephen Benjamin: God Bless America at Poem 88 "

The New York Times, March 15, 2016
"Turning Instagram Images Into Analog"


ArtsAtl, March 10, 2016
"Review: {Poem 88}’s “Documentum” brings a digital medium back to its analog roots"


Burnaway, March 23, 2016
"Documenting Instagram at {Poem 88}"


Burnaway, January 29, 2016
"Nymphs and Shepherds” Offers Something For Everyone at {Poem 88}"


Burnaway, October 9, 2015
"Brendan Carroll’s First Response, at {Poem 88}"


Burnaway, July 1, 2015
"House Ki: InKyoung Chun at {Poem 88}"


Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 18, 2015
"Korean-born artist's work comments on art making "

ArtsAtl, Apr 15, 2016
"Review Round-Up: “Hop, Skip, Jump” at Poem 88, “Floral” at Hodgepodge, “Here and Now Here” at Whitespec and Sasha Fletcher’s “It Is Going To Be a Good Year” "


Burnaway, February 20, 2015
"Zuzka Vaclavik’s Cosmic Maps at {Poem 88}"


ArtsAtl, February 16, 2015
"Review: Zuzka Vaclavik explores pattern, color in sensuous “Thirst,” at {Poem 88}"


ArtsAtl, January 5, 2015
"Review: {Poem 88} gets experimental with “Battery-Powered, Mono-Output” concert"


Atlanta Journal-Constitution, November 26, 2014
"A holiday-priced art show with a contemporary vibe", November 26, 2014
"E.K. Huckaby’s Magical South at MOCA GA", October 13, 2014
"Meditating on Nature: Steven L. Anderson & Susan Hable Smith at {Poem 88}", October 10, 2014
"Quirky objects and tone define E.K. Huckaby’s solo show"


Creative Loafing, October 7, 2014
"E.K. Huckaby explains ‘Anhydjinnic Molassicism’", September 30, 2014
"Review: Steven L. Anderson, Susan Hable Smith celebrate nature to very different effects, at Poem 88", September 27, 2014
"Bookshelf: Making Pictures That Take You Places"


Atlanta Journal-Constitution, July 3, 2014
"Seven art exhibits that add to Atlanta’s summer sizzle"
"Review: Carol John’s Paintings Exude Happiness at {Poem 88}",June 17, 2014
"Review: Carol John’s colorful explosions at Poem 88",June 17, 2014


Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"Atlanta artist captures 2 views of the world",May 8, 2014


"Studio Visit: Ben Steele",April 16, 2014


Blouin ArtInfo
"Review: Brendan Carroll's Playful Abstractions at Atlanta's Poem 88", February 17, 2014


Creative Loafing, Sept 2013
Best Gallery in Atlanta, 2013

"A Remote Studio Visit with Lina Tharsing",July 26, 2013


Review: "Et in Arcadia ego at {Poem 88}",July 11, 2013


Atlanta Art Blog, June 2013
Review: "Landscapes, idylls and ideas: three artists at Poem 88"


ArtsATL, May 14, 2013
Review: "Review: Chamber Cartel, bring out the metal at {Poem88}"

ArtsATL, 25
Review: "At {Poem 88}, the ambiguity of Antonioni’s “Blow-Up,” seen through 47 years"April, 2013

Creative Loafing, 16
Review: "Blow-Up at Poem 88 revels in film themes"April, 2013


Burnaway, 9

"ARTSpeak: Robin Bernat of {POEM 88}"

April, 2013

Southern Living, March 2013
"The South's Most Stylish Cities: Atlanta"

Burnaway, 12 March 2013
"Studio Visit: InKyoung Chun Creates Ki"


Burnaway, 12 March 2013
Review: "Dodge & Burn: The Photograms of Christina Price Washington", 31 January 2013
Review: "E.K. Huckaby’s enigmatic alchemy mixes science and Southern Gothic at {Poem 88}"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11 January 2013
Review: "Atlanta artist delivers idiosyncratic show at Poem 88", 10 January 2013
Preview: "Preview: Recollections at the L.P. Grant Mansion"


Burnaway 9 January 2013
Review: "EK Huckaby’s Shadows of Warmth and Beautiful Sadness at Poem 88", 17 December 2012
Review: "New-music Chamber Cartel celebrates first year with “The Party” at {Poem88}"
December 2012 "Too much art"


September 2012
ArtForum, Critics' Picks: Nikita Gate, 19 September 2012
“Review: Nikita Gale explores the limits of understanding history in 1961 at {Poem 88}”


Creative Loafing, 12 September 2012
“Conceptual photographer Nikita Gale's 1961 remembers when”, 28 August 2012
“Artificial Lights and Authentic Anxiety in Reality Show at {Poem 88}”, 24 July 2012
“Films for the 99%: Art, Politics, and People Converge at {Poem 88}”

Creative Loafing, May 2, 2012
Poem 88 screens Fur and other films for the 99%, April 27, 2012
“Exquisite corpses abound in William Downs-Brooke Pickett collaborations at {Poem88}”, March 3, 2012
“Mehmet Dogu and Julia Kjelgaard Evoke Shared Memories at {Poem 88}”

The Men's Book Atlanta, Spring 2012, p. 58
“Life in Atlanta Spotlight: Mehmet Dogu”

Jezebel Magazine: December 2011
“In Verse! JEZ gets the inside story on West Midtown's trendiest new gallery,", 11 Nov 2011
“Holly White’s Cinematic Language at Poem88 Recalls the Truth of Art”, 10 Nov 2011
“Formal rigor, romanticism animate Holly White’s photos at Poem 88”

Creative Loafing, 23 May 2011
“Mark Hogancamp dolls up misfortune in Marwencol: New York artist's imaginary world resonates with bitter truths”

Creative Loafing, 21 May 2011
5 things today: Marwencol, 28 Mar 2011
“Dreams of Californication in Sharon Shapiro’s solo show at {Poem88}”

Creative Loafing, 25 Mar 2011
“Censorship as compliment: Sharon Shapiro at Poem 88”

Creative Loafing, 17 Feb 2011
Preview: Sharon Shapiro at Poem 88

Creative Loafing, 15 Nov 2010
“On a magical mystery tour with artist EK Huckaby: Huckaby's humor casts a spell at Tanner-Hill Gallery”, 11 Nov 2010
“E.K. Huckaby’s Excursus: An uninvited guest critique”

Creative Loafing, 15 Oct 2010:
Weekend Arts Agenda

Creative Loafing, 13 Oct 2010:
“{Poem88} opens at Tanner Hill Gallery this weekend”



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